Friday, 4 November 2011

Carnal Connections

You are right. This post is all about the 3 letter word SEX.Nah!, I am definitely not going to tell you about how its to be done describing various positions and techniques (in fact, I don't possess the required experience to talk about that). But, what  I am going to talk about is how it's the most basic thing on this earth and how almost everything directly or indirectly revolves around sex.

Even if we are to believe the mythical concept of Adam and Eve, the first couple from which the human race is said to have started, we can't think of anything else other than sex between hem that made it possible. Going the scientific way, we evolved from apes and are very much animals but equipped with rationality.Our evolution into 2-footed beings brought in a lot of changes in the way we acted and reacted. But, still the basic instinct. to propagate one's kind through sex remains  the same.

Men are supposed to be sexually more active than females. Some feminists even go to the extent of saying that "men have their brains right between their legs". Well, its not totally untrue. Males of the human kind have been genetically programmed to think in that way. Blame it on the millions of sperms produced every single day !! The original male instinct was to spread their genes for which they were always on the lookout for potential receptors for their seeds i.e. women.That very instinct still works in the male minds.

Females on the other hand, after they learnt to stand on their feet and started holding the babies in their arms instead of their backs, they looked for male partners who could protect them as their arms weren't always free for that.This evolved into he female instinct of women being more choosy about their partners.But that doesn't eliminate a well-concealed urge and need for sex .

[However, with homosexuality on the rise, exceptions do exist. ]

The idea of sex is so much imbibed in our minds that all our expletives and swearing words are actually nothing but sexual accusations. Our clothing and fashion industries sell this idea too. We want to look good primarily to attract the opposite sex. Businesses and professions are mainly pursued to support families; a family being very much a product of sexual union.The oldest business known to mankind is in fact sex-trade or prostitution.Moreover, the entertainment industry mainly thrives on the idea of portraying sex, either directly or indirectly.

Yet,the idea of sex has also been labelled as something evil, abstinence from which is considered a path to divinity. Lot of religious beliefs around the world look down upon sex as a diversion from the path of goodness and holiness and ask their followers to only practice it for the purpose of carrying on their hierarchy and not for gaining carnal pleasure.But the question is how can something so natural and basic,responsible for the creation of life be considered condemnable,just on the grounds that one can derive pleasure from it?? Based on this very notion women have been treated in various societies from time immemorial as mere objects of sexual gratification and thereby evil temptations !!

The point is, both men and women possess similar urge to experience sexual bliss.Its not something to be ashamed of or spoken of in hushed tones. But to be celebrated as a depiction of LIFE.

But there is something that distinguishes us from other animals and restrains us from lounging into sexual perversion..We are social beings and living in a society have to abide by certain norms and rules maintained for the sanctity and sanity of the human kind  .We can't support polygamous and unabashed sexual activity just on the basis of the argument of sex being the ultimate foundation of life.
We need to realise where to draw the line...


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