Saturday, 19 July 2014

Just in case...

How many times have you wondered what if you had gone up and asked somebody about what had been boggling your mind all the time ? Most of the times you have let it pass only to realise your mistake later or further wonder !!

The world we live in is moving fast . So fast that even the surest of meetings get cancelled due to a a few seconds of negligence. We have evolved to realize the saying more than anything  else that 'Change is the only constant'.  In this rampantly changing picture we try to fit ourselves in and while we ponder over the chance of having an opportunity, somebody else is already walking out with it.

Be it about asking out that attractive friend of your cousin whom you see at a party or asking your boss for an extended vacation, it's all about asking the right questions at the right time.  Even if it is the slightest of chances, may be just 1 out of 100, yet you never know. That once percent of chance might be written in your name and waiting to be just grabbed.

That innocent looking hook with a dot under it, yeah the question mark, is a more of a friend than a bothersome companion and hence definitely not someone to be ignored. So let not those question bubbles popping in your sea of thoughts die a death of hopelessness. Rather give those questions a chance, a chance to come out and serve their purpose - to check for all those what-ifs and may-bes and create opportunities if exist. So the next time let not a question die its untimely and undeserved death. Reach out...and ASK, just in case there is a chance !!

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