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Dreams galore...

"This post is an entry at Blogjunta Dreams Contest to be judged by Jyoti Arora, author of Dream's Sake"

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The very first thing that comes to your mind when you think about dreams is slumber and quite reasonably indeed. We dream when we are sleeping, being unaware of whatever is happening around us. There is a great amount of imagination when it comes to dreams. The dreams we have while sleeping are a product of our sub-conscious mind and we really can’t control them. But dreams that are seen with open eyes are the ones that matter. Those are the results of constant pondering over something that we wish to be changed in a way we want. Speaking of such dreams, I have a bagful of them!

There is hardly anything I haven’t dreamt about. Right from the childhood dream of being a superhero to a much mature and ambitious dream of  launching a product of public interest, my dreams have varied with times. I have often wondered about seemingly nonsensical matters. But that’s how dreams are supposed to be, right? Free from the bondage of possibilities and ascending towards exception??

Ever since I was in my teens, I have dreamed of  seeing my country achieve greatness someday. I was never overtly patriotic but I do love my country a lot. At the same time I dream of prosperity for the place I was born in, the beautiful but troubled region of Assam. As I grew up and the reality of all sorts of political short-comings dawned on me no doubt I ended up being cynical in most cases. But did I give up my dream? No. I still nurture it with a hope that someday things will change for the better and hopefully I will have a role to play in it.

There are times when my dreams take a leap into the future- A future of endless possibilities. May be someday we will have our homes millions of miles above earth. Residential colonies on the moon, space bikes to go for work or regular shuttle service between the earth and space stations. I wonder if someday we will have a single ruler ruling over the entire earth. Move over America. May be it will be an Indian at the helm of affairs (Don’t worry, we will remove the corrupt ones by then or who knows, might even  make the world believe that corruption is a way to attain a smoothly running governance). And why do I mention countries at all when we are already very much into the term “Global Village”?!!

Phew! Countries, world and space, huh?? Let’s come down to something as basic as a family. Who doesn’t dream about a happy home by the way? I wish that someday, even if not exceptionally rich, I will have a house that will be blessed with all kinds of luxuries and objects of comfort. A dream that I have always held close to my heart is to make my parents happy and contented. I wish to give them a comfortable retired life, a life free from all the worries and hard work that they have went through all their life. This is one dream I am ought to make happen.

Is it too early for a 23 year old to dream about his children?? I guess not. Though this dream is not about having kids in the immediate future but there is a certain wish that sometimes creeps into my mind. Besides thinking about providing them with the best possible things, I dream about how I will relive my childhood with them. I dream about their fondness for me, those little tantrums and demands, those hugs and kisses in exchange for just a smile...

Speaking of lady love, whoever comes into my life, I dream of being loved by her ‘truly, madly, and deeply’. Silly it might sound, but there is a romantic in me asking for a chance to come to the fore and dazzle the lady with stupendous acts of charm and chivalry. Yes girls, if you can dream of some Prince Charming I can definitely dream of being one, right?  Dreams are all we are talking about!!

Ah! I am ambitious. I want to take challenges head-on and make things happen. There is a dream to carve a niche for myself among the existing giants in the software industry (or any other industry if they let me in). Now this is definitely not the Ramalinga Raju way that I am dreaming about!

I wish to write a book someday. Maybe the very author who will be judging this post, Jyoti Arora herself, will someday be nagging her friends to read my book!! An award or two won't be bad either...

Now if you are still reading this post and amusing yourself over my so-called 'dreams', let me tell you something  on a much more realistic note i.e. to ‘live a dream’ is very different from’ living in a dream’. We have often witnessed people giving up their present for a future. We have seen people walking out of relationships, breaking hearts, ditching friends or having bitter times coping with themselves unable to sustain the burden of unfulfilled dreams.. How much of that is really justified? Dreams are supposed to be a hopeful wish for the future and not a deterrent in living your present fully. Obsession is a crime you won’t be penalized for. But the consequences of it take down several others along with the person concerned. At the end of the day, we are supposed to live in the real world, being practical and calculating probabilities.

But still, dreams are the best thing you can have of your own. Something no one can alter or have control upon but which solely belongs to you created out of your own imagination. It’s these very seeds of dreams you plant in the present that gives you the fruits of reality in the future. So, nurture them, live them and let them grow over the years…

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  1. great post..i enjoyed reading it..dreams are important too.they represent our goals,aspirations and to a large extent,what we want out of our lives..

  2. Good one... nice way to bring the judge into the context. :) ... happy dreaming.

  3. @Mrinalini: Yup they do for sure...thanks :)

    @Abhro: LOL That trick paid off well(now I can comfortably say that 'cos she can't take the award back :P) Thank you :D

  4. just loved reading dis........... :)

  5. Super like.As usual awesome bro.....really going 2 be a great fan of ur blog ..:)

  6. good one pro..just write whatever comes into your mind..:)

  7. It's like a little dream coming true with this post. Thank you all. Will love to see more feedback in the future.

  8. This is one of best blogs...
    No wonder it won the Contest...
    Simple yet has an impact on reader's mind..
    All of the dreams were well portrayed be it a dream of regular space shuttle service between the earth or space or giving your parents a comfortable retired life or your lady love or the dream to be well established in the software industry...
    Great Job! :)


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