Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Season of love.....Blanket-love!!

Its 7:30 in the morning. I can feel the sun’s rays coming through the ventilator and falling right over my face. Yeah, it’s quite bright out there and as I struggle to open my eyes, I remember I have an important task to be completed today. I need to wake up immediately. But NO. I end up snuggling in my blanket trying to catch a few more winks of sleep!!!

Yes, the winter is very much here and every one of us has a tough time getting up in the morning. It needs a great deal of motivation and will power to defeat the temptations of a warm and cosy bed and walk out towards the bathroom. Well, if you are one of those kinds who sleep with all the warm clothes on, then you are saved from this. In fact, I have tried this trick quite a few times during exam days in December when I had to get up as early as possible for those last-minute preparations. But as you would agree, it’s not much comfortable to sleep all stuffed up in jackets and socks and caps (I guess it would be safe to mention that this post is not meant for those living in the poles or heading towards the Everest to have a picnic up there. For all the other lesser mortals this post is all yours)

So no doubt your blanket becomes the most loyal and lovable companion of yours  during these days. The moment you come back from work and finish up your chores slipping into the comfort of a warm blanket is the most preferred activity, to leave it only to answer a doorbell or to attend nature’s call.  And trust me; even the most possessive of couples can’t compete with this kind of attachment. 

Team up your blanket love with some hot coffee and freshly baked snacks and you are in for a treat. Switch on the TV or plug in your i-pod or grab hold of a book and even Devil won’t dare to disturb your romance. And why would Devil be bothered any way? Laziness was a vice when I last heard about it..

As I wind up this post, I can feel my blanket hugging me more tightly. Hmmm….I won’t mind this little bit of possessiveness for the next two months or so at least.

Happy winter!!


  1. Hahaha....very funny and very true...

  2. Hello.
    I usually start my day around 4:00am. I wish I had the luxury of staying in bed when my alarm clock goes off, but I have a lot of responsibility at my job with 240+ staff who need my time & guidance. Also, I have a set routine...I have to get my exercise in & as one who prides himself on his appearance, I have to make sure I look well-groomed before I walk out the door (lol).
    You'd better enjoy the warm coziness while it lasts, you won't be able to sleep in when you join the world of workers!

    Entertaining post, Pro!
    Thanks for sharing.

    More Fulfilling With Love

  3. That's so true Andy. But winters generally make us yearn for those lazy moments, right?


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