Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sniff sniff !! What's that smell ??!!

A guy takes off his shirt to reveal his perfectly built abs, sprays some deodorant, enough to fill up the entire room, goes out and ends up in bed with the hottest babe around or has chicks jumping all over him like iron fillings on  a magnet (The proverbial 'chick magnet' )

Yes, who hasn't seen such an ad and which guy hasn't tried testing the same with all those brands of body-sprays, wishing someday he might be the one who gets his shirt ripped apart down the street by at least one reasonably sexually arousing (read: hot) woman?? But alas! the bottles end up in the dustbins but the dreams don't die.

The women's perfume ads are not that outrageous though. That may  be because even the most nymphomaniac one won't prefer a bunch of guys to spring upon her (which we men mentally do anyway, perfume or no perfume). So the female cosmetics companies keep their focus on all those hair removal creams and what you call those.... "arm-pit whiteners"?? And the expensive, elite brand of perfumes just stay from everyday television.

You might be thinking , "Well, hasn't this guy ever bathed himself  in a deo or perfume at some point of time with similar intentions whatsoever??" Hell yeah! I have. For years now, I have followed this ritual of spraying scented alcohol based liquids, stuffed in smartly designed cans, right after  coming out of the bathroom.Not as much as because of that elusive "dream" working at the back of my mind but more because of my over-active olfactory senses.

Yes,I like to smell good. I like people who smell good.An average looking girl would score a point with me if she is wearing a decent perfume.Similarly, a foul odour creates a tremendous feeling of disgust..I knew a guy who emitted such a strong stench that he created a No Entry vicinity around him . People who stayed with him probably suffered from a chronic nose blockage !!

Good fragrance works wonders for your mind.Why else do you think agarbatis (incense sicks) and attar (oil-based perfumes) are associated with religion and prayer??

But as they say "Excess of anything is bad",so is true in case of perfumes, scents and deodorants too. You don't want to go around smelling like a bouquet of flowers, a basket of fruits or even worse a crate of alcohol !! Just use it enough to not give others a I-didn't-take-my-bath feeling.

So go ahead and spray at will. You never know, your scent might just catch the right nose and get your "object of desire" falling for you (and all over you) !!


  1. interesting,entertaining n humorous ...all in all,a MUST READ :D

  2. glad you liked it so much :)
    @Seema...Thanks :)

  3. "my over-active olfactory senses," hehehehehe, excellent mind blowing hilarious penning. Oratory style is just marvelous.
    Claps to your talent.

  4. @Maun Vision ...Thank you so much for your frank appreciation. Keep visiting. I will try to come up with more such stuffs :)


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