Monday, 7 November 2011

A Tale Of Radiance

The stroke of a stick
Brought me in this world.
Slowly I began to grow
And my brilliance unfurled.

Don't you know me anymore?
Your erstwhile companion of the nights
Or your eyes have been blinded
By those glowing balls, you call lights?

But you still find me an act of romance
Put me on tables to dance in those eyes
I flicker in shyness,stranded between.
So that's what you call love, I surmise.

I stand by you on those nights
When those crystals deceive you.
I glow in silence while you pray
To spread light I need no cue.

Please don't blow me off yet
I just fought with a violent breeze.
Let me glow till the wax stands..
Oh! I can't even beg on my knees

Amidst your lights, I do hold my pride
Even the daylight I dare not blame.
At my brightest best before I die.
Still your friend, a candle flame.


  1. beautiful poetry..very well written :)

  2. Hello.
    Even though this is about a candle, there's a sensual undertone.
    You penned it very well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  3. Thank you Andy.It feels good o be appreciated by a veteran poet like you,
    Well, the beauty of poetry lies in the differenct ways the readers interpret the meaning of a poem.


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