Thursday, 3 November 2011

Writing again...

So here I am up to blogging again. I used to have a blog by the same name at and due to a massive attack by hackers on the site, like many other bloggers,I lost my blog too. It was quite a loss as I valued those writings and it hurts to know I can never have them back. Yet, there's always a fresh start and so I decided on resurrecting my blog on Blogger....


  1. I ws literally exhausted liking some1 else's blog(no offense Anirban :P) and always expected some1 will come up with elegant stuffs ..:)(pro u just happened to b a gud blogger wid impressive topic :D) [ thumbs up] ;)

  2. Ha ha. Thank u Addy. Well, I must say Anirban is one big inspiration behind my blogging :)

  3. Hope you're backing up your stuff now. The post on heartbreak is certainly worth it :-)

  4. Perhaps "Join this site" should be right on top.

  5. @KayEm....yup.This time all my posts are safe and secured as MS-Word files in my hard-disk.
    Suggestion accepted:)


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