Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A passing glance

I was on my way to the market and after getting off from the auto was taking a walk towards the shops that I was supposed to visit in order to buy the required stuffs. As usual, the streets were flocked by people of all ages. From a distance I could see a young girl who appeared to be of my age coming from the opposite direction. I won’t claim her to be extremely pretty or something out of this world but would say she was decent enough for an average guy like me to take notice. (And yeah, we guys do take notice of every random girl that comes our way). She walked passed by me and our eyes met for a while. A fraction of a second it was and then she looked down which is the norm in these parts of the world. I kept walking and never looked back and neither did she for sure.

Now, any young man, generally and preferably single and not accompanied by a girlfriend or wife (who would be otherwise threatening to burst his eyeballs for staring at another woman) can identify with this situation and it’s not like what I described above happened for just once. Really I can’t keep count of the number of times there has been these fraction-of-a-second eye contacts. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe in love at first sight. That’s one of the crappiest things to have been ever coined by the romantics. It’s plain uncomplicated attraction that can happen at the first sight with a possibility of leading to love or a relationship in the future. And for that to happen, the girl has to be a friend of your friend, a colleague or simply an acquaintance with whom there are possibilities of future interactions (read: second, third, fourth…..and nth ‘sights’)

But what about these kind of situations as mentioned in the beginning? What about the ones that you meet at the bus stops, ticket counters, bank queues or shopping malls? Now you can’t really stop someone who is just passing by you saying “Hey listen, I just got dazzled by your enchanting looks and would you mind letting me decide over a cup of coffee if its love or just mere attraction?”. Okay, this might work and is quite a pick-up line considering it would really take some courage for someone to do such an act and with girls having their notions of shining armor clad princes, it might just hit the right note. But then there is every chance that you might get labeled as a stalker (the paranoid ones might even immediately move their hands into the purse to draw out those pepper sprays or an umbrella, the quintessential Weapon of Male Destruction) when actually you never knew if she existed until that very moment, leave alone stalking!

But do girls really like being approached in that manner? I guess in 90% of the cases they would get uncomfortable if not scared, being approached by a total stranger, no matter how modulated is your voice or even if you are the poor man’s Tom Cruise. If not verbal, her immediate facial expressions would just mean two words -“Get lost!!”. Though you might stumble upon the rare kind who would jump around with joy at being approached like that and might even end up treating you with all bills paid. But generally, those are not the ones you fall for. Just to get to the other side of the perception,. I even once went to the extent of asking a female friend of mine about what I should do in such a situation. She blatantly replied, “Nothing! Just move ahead and carry on with whatever you are doing”. Her reply further confirmed my notions.

So, I continue to see those beautiful creatures on the road, stare at their assets for a mili-second or so with a faint hope of being stared back (which they actually do in the most discreet manner and a guy would never notice her doing that) and then just walk ahead. Our male kind has been already in the news over the years for all the wrong reasons and with the ever-growing number of feminists all the time raring to go at our throats, I would rather prefer to ‘be a nice guy and not get the girl’. But then, that would be a loss on the other side of the table too!!


  1. gr8 post..every guy n gal experiences this often...another 50 yrs or so, n India will be liberal enough for a guy to ask some stranger for a cup of coffee..

  2. U should post this in the humor section dude..! Good Post...probably except "staring the assets part" :)
    “Hey listen, I just got dazzled by your enchanting looks and would you mind letting me decide over a cup of coffee if its love or just mere attraction?”."- This is a brilliant line

  3. even girls do wonder, after passing by a handsome boy, 'how to approach this person'.. so whatever you wrote is applicable for both the genders... girls do pass by without giving a second thought to approaching, 'coz there's a rigid concept in the minds of ppl, especially in our country, that in all these cases THE MAN shud come forward n ask the girl, 'wud u like to have some coffee?'.. and again, its a loss at the either ends...

  4. Hello.
    Pro, Pro, Pro...I feel for you, my friend. I really do. I agree that there is no love at first sight but only an intense attraction. I am from the old school where I believe the man should make the first connection. When you wish to talk to a woman who appeals to your senses, first be sure there is sweet, pleasant eye contact and then respond to her body language along with her facial expressions. Sometimes, you have to be bold & take a chance. I agree too that today's women are not as shy & meek as in days gone by. Some will probably curse you out, tell you to get lost or just ignore you altogether. What have you got to lose except foolish pride. You may be missing out on a great love if you don't at least try. Most of the time, one can tell when someone else is interested. If all else fails, you could try reciting some of your poetry. You're getting to be quite the poetic one I see! ;-)

    Nice write-up Pro. Don't give up on has a way of creeping into your heart when you least expect it.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I always like hearing from you. See you again soon, my friend!

    For ref:
    Violins Of Love

  5. @Mrinalini: Hope it does for the benefit of both sexes.Thanks :)

    @Prateek: I really get confused with those IndiBlogger sections. I once posted a love topic in the Youth and Education section!! Regarding that line,it isn't patented.You can use it on your next encounter. Thanks for dropping in.

    @Ishita: I know,things must be similar for girls and that what the cartoon shows. But I presented the guys' point of view to this whole thing :)

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  7. @Andy: Wow1 That was quite a lesson on romance Sir. But did this post give you an impression of lament? Well, it wasn't intended to. I am quite a charmer you know (wink) and very much the poor man's Tom Cruise which I mentioned.But I had to generalize it to suit every Indian guy's psyche. And I emphasize on the Indian part since that's where the things have worsened over the past few decades. It's no longer a question of losing one's ego but being assaulted by the mob or police!!

    Thanks :)

  8. khi khi khi khi!!
    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT IS BULLSHIT an I have been trying to make someone understand this but he wouldnt give up on his belief of this absurdity.
    and yes, especially in India I dont think approachign a random girl you saw for a mili second and asking her for a cup of coffee to decide if this is love will get you a good beating or will label you down as a maniac.
    Hahahah loved the way you narrated it all sire!

  9. good post...

  10. @Red Handed: Hope it's not your own boyfriend whom you are trying to convince :D Well, I know it's a bit extreme which I stated but you won't deny the initial moments of unrest very much resulted from the perceived idea of roadside romeos!! Thanks

    @Rajnish: Thank you :)

  11. Yay!!! enjoyed a lot while reading...good rather great writing dude...keep writing...and keep on staring towards those golden assests... ;-)

  12. I found this endearing and hilarious at the same time. Such eye contacts are like passing ships, a sweet memory or if you are bold enough, a burning cheek.


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