Saturday, 7 January 2012

Lettered Locks


Nah! You are not looking at the name of any exotic bird species but what could be one of those seemingly meaningless  products of ingenious thinking that we call passwords. And what I did was to just twist and turn the letters of the word PASSWORD itself. Genius, aren't I?

Its needless to say, the amount of passwords that we got to create and remember of late gives us more of a sense of insecurity and paranoia then safety and security. "Keeping a single password for all your accounts is NOT SAFE"- says the golden rule of Internet security . And with the bombardment of online accounts at every step of today's world, we are supposed to regularly come up with innovative word jumbles that we believe won't be detected or guessed by someone else. Hats off to our creativity and most importantly our memory that is able to register these anti-dictionary creations of literature! Yet there are a substantial number who write down their passwords in their diaries,cellphones, etc. The latter case is more like hanging the key of your locker high above on a tree and assuming no one will be able to get there. Those people just refuse to realise that the tree itself might fall down some day!!

Whether you have been a victim of password theft or hacking you are bound to be really conscious about your passwords and if you aren't then you could be the very next one in the line with an emptied bank balance or a Facebook profile shouting aloud profanities. Yes, that's what we have turned into - A bunch of suspicious and paranoid individuals. But then, that's the price we pay for the ease and speed of Internet.


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  2. true...nice blog..liked it... :)

  3. They are a necessary evil. I would've thought biometrics would make passwords a thing of the past by now

    1. Yes,true. But as long as bio-metrics don't come into common existence we have to keep trsuting our ingenuity and memory.

  4. Hello Pro.
    How are you, my friend? Hope you're okay. Not heard from you in a while. :-(

    I am one who is not very good at remembering passwords. Thank goodness my wife is the organized one & has all these things under control. She also has a fantastic memory & can reel passwords off in her sleep! With technology ever evolving, pretty soon we'll be able to log into everything with fingerprint & eyeball scans.
    Nice post.

    I have to congratulate you on winning the "I Dream About" Contest. Well done!
    I also like the new blog color. Much brighter on these aging eyes of mine (smile).

    Before I forget, there's another writing blog that I think you might be interested in. It's called OldMan's Writing Challenge hosted by Abhishek Boinapalli over at Another Author. It's new & started this past Friday 20th January 2012 & will run until 10:00pm IST on Wednesday 25th Jan. You have to write in no more than 700 words on the given prompt. For more information, check it out here... Share it with your friends too!

    Have a great week ahead my friend! Come see me're always welcome.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

    1. Hello Andy,
      I am so glad to see you. Well, I have joined my job and as expected it has kept me quite busy. Plus, I didn't have a good internet until today.Hence, blogging has somewhat stayed away from me all these while.
      Thanks for the visit and comment.

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