Tuesday, 4 July 2017

What we see may not be what it is !!

Let's talk about something that talks about everything - the media itself . The word media is a plural form of the word medium and it represents all sorts of tools to disburse information to the masses . Having gotten this out of the way , let's get to business . What was the last thing you subjected yourself to on any form of media ? There is a high possibility that it was on social media , the most powerful tool of information creation as well as distribution of our times . But still what was the news ? Was it some instance of  violence happening in some part of the country or how some politician has yet again abused his/her power to create mass hysteria ? When was the last time you read about something really positive and full of hope of a better future ; may be a new drug in the making or a new innovation that would solve the pressing problems of the society ? I bet , it was quite a while ago.

It's not like good things are not happening around you . There are definitely people working to make the world  a better place . There are noble initiatives being undertaken , acts of courage and selflessness being carried out and new discoveries and inventions happening . But who bothers ?

The thing is , this sort of information that ignites hope and fulfillment does not excite the human mind the way fear and anger does . You are most likely to discuss something that causes some sort of displeasure in you. It's the primitive nature of mankind to prioritize something that seems to threaten their existence rather than something that might conserve it . And almost all the media houses are catering to this primitive instinct .

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There is a huge bias that has crept into the world of media over the years . Each and every news channel have their sworn allegiance to some political party or the other . Things were not the same during my growing up years . I still remember the topic for one of my school debates was 'The effects of media on the modern world' and all the participants talked about was whether or how the modern society has  benefited from the media more or less .  But as the times changed , people in power became more aware of the potential of this tool to not just reach out but even manipulate the general populace to form an opinion of their own interest . Even the social media is not bereft of this bias . There are people paid to handle Facebook accounts and Twitter handles just to forward and spread their party's agenda . Mind it , all these happen in the name of information and awareness.

So what to believe and what not to ? This is something that we need to answer ourselves . No one can make us believe something if we do not want to .  I have always believed that the world is not all black and white. There is no all-good or all-bad . There is always a lot happening on the other side of the coin, the side which is not being shown to us.

Mostly the public is neutral to any kind of bias , unless we are subscribed to some agenda ourselves, . So for the larger group , it would be in the best interest of our own sanity and peace of mind to question every bit of information that we are being bombarded  with over the news channels or social media . Take everything with a pinch of salt and understand before you react . Read more books on diverse topics and broaden your horizon of thinking.

"Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility."    -   Robin Morgan

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