Sunday, 6 November 2011

10 reasons why you should have a heartbreak !!

Has anyone ever broken your heart??
The answer will be an emphatic 'YES!' from most of you. But few of you might have ever realised how much a rejection of a romantic proposal or a break-up has benefited you. Here is a list of 10 such reasons why we need to have a heart-break at least once in our lifetime. These are strictly based on personal experience ( I maintain experience also comes from observing others..) and hence I can't guarantee you all 10 of these. But more or less, its in general for everyone.

10. Reality check. Yes, now you know what you lack or where you went wrong.C'mon, you can't just blame it on the other person or your destiny.There must be issues about you which now as you know them, can improve upon.

9. You value relationships more now. Be it with your parents, siblings, friends or relatives.You will spend time with them more often. Maybe, just to run away from that void feeling within but still it strengthens those bonds.

8. You become a better FLIRT. Yes, you more often than not bring out that naughty side of yours, without any feeling of guilt. Flirting becomes a lot more easier when you do it with anyone and everyone in your radar without being worried about the results.

7. How often have you noticed a heart-broken guy/girl listening to sad songs or sharing sentimental updates/poetry on Facebook?? Quite often,right?? Yes, a heartbreak gives your artistic sense a push. Even, the musically deaf individuals would start finding meanings in all romantic songs (sad ones basically) or the most insensitive ones would start writing poetic lines of their own. And you never know....some of them even turn out to be surprisingly good at these and end up being applauded for new creations (mainly by other such 'victims' of course)

6. Now you can just "be yourself". This might sound cliche but one can't deny the various attempts one makes to impress that special person, often going overboard in their attempts and ending up displeasing them rather than rising in their eyes.
[ Don't confuse this as contradictory to No.10. Being your true self doesn't rule out scope for improvement in character or personality.]

5. Your friends now don't have complains about you being unavailable. Infact, you will always end up hanging out with them most of the time. Moreover, you will also discover how some of your friends are so good at counselling and will make you wonder why they didn't make a career out of that!!

4. Like your friends' counselling abilities, you will discover multi-dimensional talents in yourself. Yes, being busy is the best thing you can do when you try to get over someone and if there is not enough work you tend to CREATE  work. In the meantime, you might help others with their work too and get those grateful smiles in return.

3.This one's crazy! You will find a new-found confidence on your memory. The way you have to keep fighting off those sweet, old memories that keep recurring to you every now and then, you have got to say to yourself,
"Damn, why the hell couldn't I remember those lessons at school/college??!!"

2. Okay! you are a much stronger person now. You will definitely not feel the same amount of pain the next time you face an emotional loss, of any kind.

1. New beginnings.Well, whatever it was, it WAS !! It gives you a chance to pick up the broken pieces and build up again. You may keep denying it, but you will eventually...

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  1. maane total jaata!! hahaha...but like it....superb!! :P

  2. @Sayani He he....thank u, thank u. I do check your blog sometimes.

  3. hahahah... i so agree.... not fully with point 8, i am kinda tired, (details in messages) point 2 - SO TRUE... yes, flirting (point 8) actually increase then it actually dies down.... one more point : things which you have NOT done, or have forgotten to do, will keep in mind and do it the next time ;)

  4. @Prosenjeet
    this post of urs is so awesome-ly true....all of it!!! a heartbreak makes you a new's like God has given you a new life...a license to start over again...n its fun!! great write up dude....n whenever you check my leave comments!! :) :) :)

  5. an absolutely different angle to look at heart-breaks..good job buddy :)

  6. @Anirban....u flirt?? :O. Anyways, you don't need to do it to the point of getting tired :P

  7. @Sayani. I need a Like button for your comment :D
    @Mini : Ab ka bole hum...except thanks !!

  8. @Prosenjeet
    :) :) :) ...template e code kore ne...or simply check ...u'll find a way to add the LIKE button... :P :P :P
    neway...loved ur post....keep writing!!

  9. @Sayani : already did that for individual posts. Might try for the comments. Thnx again :)

  10. Hello.
    What an interesting & informative post. It's the stuff that today's talk shows are made of! (lol)

    Great job!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Heaven Is You

  11. @Andy... ala Gerard Butler's The Ugly Truth?? :D. Well, thank you for your observation sir...

  12. awesome observation dude...indeed heartbreaks do grow u up into a person of strong character and individuality..good work!!!! :)

  13. dicho boss...ha thik i's reality...:)

  14. jaaaaaa.... dhur baba prem korar aagei eeto kichu jene gele kikore cholbe.... naah eebare ekta prem kortei hobe .....

  15. oo maaa naam ta eelo naa to.... ami debmalya bolchilam

  16. yaap........... it's reality.thik sotti

  17. @Debmalya da...Yeah, give it a try ! :P

  18. Abe Saale publish it wid me as a 50% share holder....
    "(I maintain experience also comes from observing others)"

  19. @Kalyanjit...Ha ha. A study isn't credited to the specimen under study!! And what makes you think youu are the only one? Lok around and you will find plenty of examples.
    By the way, I will take your claim as a compliment as it shows that this post has been successful in reflecting real-time experiences :)

  20. Hahaha...I never knew a heartbreak has this many advantages...Thanks for sharing

    village girl

  21. @roopz....Oh yes! It has, once you start looking for them.
    Thanks for the comment.

  22. Man, I just happened to read Blogadda's Spicy Saturday. And this post caught my eye. What a stupendous write. Keep going. Looking forward to seeing more of you.


  23. reached here thru blog adda spicy sat picks and this ones a real treat :D after reading the 'advantages' i wanna get hurt almost every other day...bada faide ka sauda hai u c :P
    following u..will be back!


  24. @Animesh...u know I am so excited about the Saturday pick. Getting more readers now. I m glad you liked it. Do check my other posts. Thanks:)
    @Sarah... O ji itna bhi excited na hoiye. If you get a heart-break on a daily basis you might end up with 'Dil Ka Powder' :D.
    Thank you so much for dropping in :)

  25. Dare we over-eighties put in a comment here? If it doesn't work out, the grieving process is considerably shortened if you tell yourself you'll apportion only a limited time per day (or night :) thinking about the heartbreak. Spend the rest of the day in the company of friends, family and dare to like yourself. That happens when you pay a little selfish attention to what you really want from life, not try and fit in where you think others would like you to be. It is bound to give you confidence - bring a spring to your step and a smile to your heart.

  26. @KayEm....Ohh sure ma'am. I am glad you shared your opinion. What you said is so true and neatly sums up my post. Would like to hear more often from you. :)

  27. Lovely post and trust me most of it is true. We just need to see things toward positive side and we are good to move forward in life and grow up out of the mistakes and stupidity.



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