Sunday, 27 November 2011

Left Behind

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Out there, somewhere in the woods
There is a flower that speaks of you
Born the moment you first smiled at me
And still blooming while you bade adieu.

There is a spring that speaks of your tears
Of painful departure and hours of pleasure
And you know the butterflies you once chased
Now look for their colors in some hidden treasure

The moments of ecstasy might have passed
And the flames surely have been doused
But every time the sun pierces through the gloom
The old fragrances reunite, alive and aroused.

Come home my dear, come back and behold
The brook has lost its flow and the song knows no tune
And they who pass by those woods now feel ditched and broken,
Being once promised fluid for life and a melody to croon.

Out there, somewhere in the woods
There is a flower that you had left behind
Though weathered and bereft of freshness,
Bears traces of the past, preserved for you to find.


  1. A sadly fading memory
    A perfect heart of history
    The love has fairly drove me crazy

  2. Ah did I make you go poetic Purba?? :D

  3. Beautiful and poignant. Loved your imagery.

  4. A snapshot of love and the loneliness and beauty we are left with when it is gone. Great writing. I'm a fan. :-)

  5. @Rimly : Glad.Thank you :)

    @Tameka: Well, I am not too much of a poet but pen down a few lines occasionally. Thanks for the appreciation.

  6. Hello Pro.
    See what happens when you spend time with turn all poetic! (lol)
    Nice imagery & flow.
    You did well, my friend!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I enjoyed your few words of poetry at my blog too...Nice one!

    My latest:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  7. @Andy: Agreed. Your company is definitely infectious which keeps on poking the lazy poet in me :D


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