Friday, 2 December 2011

30 Days!!

Yup,that's the age of my blog. Pro Pulse has completed a month  and you must be so much in love with my blog (wishful thinking) if you are reading this post right now as its nothing but a report of sorts of the first month of blogging.I just felt my blog deserved a post on completion of one month and so here I am with some blabber.

The experience of being into serious blogging has been outstanding. In the past 30 days, I have written 12 posts, two of which featured in's Spicy Saturday picks and having 900 page views as of now (without tracking my own views). I also attended a blog party at Andy David's blog which was a novel and exciting experience (a beautiful poem, Essence of love created out of contributions from 27 different bloggers from all across the globe, including me).Made some new blogger friends too thereby.

The response? Well, I would say it's very difficult to make the larger chunk of my friends who are not bloggers, .read my posts and especially to COMMENT.. But still, I have managed to grab a few eyeballs (some rolling ones too) and a nice share of generous appreciation.

Don't know for sure if I can continue writing so frequently a month from now, when I join my job. But yes, will definitely make a sincere effort to sneak in a few posts at regular intervals..


  1. LOL first of all congratulations.!
    and do mention a slice to BCETBloggers as each time you blog, blogadda gets a notification of it, by @bcetbloggers ...
    and dont worry, we will be able to blog even we join our jobs on 4th Jan :D


  2. @Anirban : Thanks. Well, BCET Bloggers does fetch me traffic from Blogadda in that way as it does for the others. Have to manually submit for weekly picks though :)

  3. Hello Pro.
    Please forgive my lateness in visiting. My work schedule has been crazy & Blogger has given me nothing but problems for the last 2 days!

    Congratulations, my friend on your 1 month anniversary! Isn't it exciting? I wish you much success not only with your blog, but in your job too. I have about 55 more days to go until my blog is 1 year old.

    Many thanks for taking part in the Party. We sure had a lot of fun & the final poem has turned out beautifully. Of course, I had to make you a star in the video too! I can never stop watching it, it's too funny. You should be proud of your contribution.
    Thanks again, my friend. See you soon!

    More Fulfilling With Love

  4. Its alright my friend. I can understand. Well,the party and the video were damn good and many thanks for the opportunity.

    I'll check out your new poem ASAP :)



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